Letter: On Language

With each new phrase you string together
differing heights are accessed in your mind.

What a wild balancing act for one so small!
Much like the spider
spinning her own intricate suspension,
all while dangling on the last line created!

(You will not like that I compared you to a spider.)

Oh! And as under a certain light with the morning sun or evening moon
their are moments in a day where I see it all revealed!Your silken tapestry in progress!

I think even you are aware…and are beginning to see your own “self”.

Humor, defiance, what you love, what you fear, what are your favorites…

All held in the balance of your web of words.

Holding you as a newborn-your tiny body in my arms, was miraculous. I marveled at your existence.

But seeing language weave its work?

Is quite breathtaking and I am awestruck by your vitality,
For it feels as though you are being born anew each day.


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